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  1. Heavenly Haven

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    Natural hues and materials perfectly suit the all-white interior trend, like the sand coloured Avance vases and the marble tabletops of the La Quinta coffee tables.

    Adding textural layers is the key to achieving this gorgeous all-white Heavenly Haven look in your interior.

    Add elements of tactile warmth by introducing a number of different textures, like the hand woven Soleste carpet and the linen-like Vista Grande lounge sofas. An abundance of indoor greenery is also a great way to add texture to an all-white room.

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    Heavenly Haven

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  2. Blue an Blue

    Blue BlissBlue Bliss

    Blue Bliss

    Inspired by the interior decoration of the monumental palace of the Moorish monarchs of Granada in Spain, the Alhambra carpet will channel royal grandeur into your décor. Use this monochrome rug as a base for a well-rounded sofa that consists of several Lando chairs. Combine with the vintage style Monterey sofa for a touch of 1950s glamour.

    For an unsurpassed eclectic style, add the black velvet Bonita bench, the Aegean blue Dulwich chair with nailhead trim and the sophisticated Monkey stool that supports a turquoise seating with silk tassels. Combine with the petrified wood Quercus coffee tables, the retro Lindos side tables, the Aubrey tables and the chic two-level Aura trolley.

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