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Sparkling Serenity

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Bring a modern touch to your living room with the clean-lined Taylor sofas and chairs. Add an architectural aesthetic with the Superia coffee tables and the Royalton trolleys. Glam up the ensemble with the octagonal Parade mirrors and accessorise with the Cora tray and the matching Mayson hurricane. Complete this bright interior in style with the Mistero table lamps.


Octagon reflection

Create a dynamic display in your hallway, bedroom or lounge with the Parade mirror. Brimming with distinctive style, this contemporary wall mirror has an octagonal geometric silhouette. Bevelled mirror segments create an amazing three-dimensional frame.


Dazzling style

With their sparkling crystal glass designs, the glamorous Amazone wall lamps will light up any space in your home. Group together for a dazzling effect.The rectangular glistening crystals capture and refract light to cast dramatic patterns on surrounding surfaces.  

Sparkling Serenity - Octagon reflectionSparkling Serenity - Octagon reflection
Sparkling Serenity - Lustrous lightingSparkling Serenity - Lustrous lighting
Sparkling Serenity - Crystal beautySparkling Serenity - Crystal beauty
Sparkling Serenity - Clean-lined & comfySparkling Serenity - Clean-lined & comfy
Sparkling Serenity
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