Side Table Vesuvio

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White marble

cm inch
42 x 30 x H. 40 cm
16.54" x 11.81" x 15.75" H
Entirely crafted from white marble, the Vesuvio Side Table is a masterful piece of furniture.Read more
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Indoor/outdoorIndoor use/dry locations only
Entirely crafted from white marble, the Vesuvio Side Table is a masterful piece of furniture. Its sleek, clean-cut design works splendidly to accentuate the black veins and creates a light and spacious living space, whilst also adding a modern sophisticated look. The perfect addition for any contemporary interior.

Care instructions


Marble is limestone that has metamorphosed and combined with natural elements. It is veined with a range of colours and patterns. Since marble is easily stained, etched, and dulled, it’s important to know how to take care of it well.

To fully enjoy your marble furniture, please follow a few basic rules:

  • Be careful not to leave a wet ring on the surface after watering flowers or plants.
  • To prevent ring marks, place coasters or trivets under glasses and dishes.
  • Don’t expose the furniture to scratches from sharp-edged objects.
  • Never use vinegar on marble; it can cause marble to corrode since it’s acidic.
Cleaning & Maintenance

Dust the surface once or twice a week with a soft cloth. Marble stains very quickly, especially if a liquid is allowed to sit untouched for a period of time. Clean up orange juice, coffee, wine, and other drinks (or food) with strong pigments immediately and rinse with a clean, damp cloth. Don’t leave any water on marble surfaces, as this could stain.

Clean as gentle as possible, never use abrasive cleaners or dusting sprays. Wash the marble periodically with a cloth dampened with lukewarm water, and, if necessary, a bit of mild dishwashing liquid. Don’t scrub but run the cloth over the surface, making a circular motion in the spots that need a little extra pressure. Remove the soap with another damp cloth and wipe the marble dry.

Use a chamois after cleaning, to dry and shine your marble at the same time. This is the gentlest way to shine your marble. Commercial marble polishes also work well. If you choose to use one, be sure it is specifically intended for use on marble, since certain chemicals can harm marble. To maintain the stone's luster, regularly apply marble polish.

Marble detailMarble detail
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