In these uncertain times we want to offer you as much clarity as possible. That is why we keep you updated on how Eichholtz applies the government regulations regarding COVID-19.


We strive to provide you with the best possible service, putting the safety of our customers and employees first.
  -   our employees work in shifts to minimise physical contact
  -   whenever possible, our employees will work from home
  -   our employees will remain available for you by telephone and e-mail


So far, the Eichholtz Grand Showroom remains accessible for customers, provided they do not come from a formally identified risk area.
  -   you can visit our showroom by appointment only
  -   please note that wearing a face mask and gloves is mandatory while visiting Eichholtz. both masks and gloves are available at the reception desk
 -    in case of physical appointments, our sales reps will keep an appropriate distance
  -   our sales department is available by phone on +31 (0) 252 515 850 or e-mail at


In any case, we can assure you that Eichholtz has an unrivaled level of stock and is able to keep supplying you in the upcoming months.
  -   a separate protocol has been applied to our logistics department, allowing us to keep providing support whilst reducing risks
  -   our regular carriers are informed by email about the loading and unloading procedures at Eichholtz
  -   in case you experience delivery issues because you are located in a closed area, you are advised to contact us immediately


- We will host our in-house New Collection Fair from 2-12 September, 2020 at the Eichholtz Headquarters in Noordwijkerhout. The above measures regarding Covid-19 will be maintained during this event.


You can continue to order our luxury furniture, lighting and accessories online.
  -   after login, the Eichholtz webshop offers a newly integrated stock filter for a real-time insight into our product availability
  -   since there will be no customer events for the time being, we will offer online alternatives: keep a close eye on your mailbox to be the first to know

Through our website and email we will keep you informed about the way Eichholtz adepts to changing regulations regarding COVID-19. Should you have substantive questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at +31 (0) 252 515 850 or