Desk Lamp Cordero

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Polished brass | black finish | black marble base

cm inch
A. 51 | B. 15 | C. 57 cm
A. 20.08" | B. 5.91" | C. 22.44"
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Add a soft touch to your bedroom, study or home office with the Cordero Desk Lamp.Read more
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Lamp holderE14
Lamp holder qty1
Max wattage25 watt
Max voltage220 - 240 Volt
Plug typeC - Euro plug
Indoor/outdoorIndoor use/dry locations only

Please note that the reference dimensions are indicated as follows:

All dimensions mentioned in the descriptions are approximate and subject to change (with a tolerance of 2 percent).

cm inch
  • a 51
  • b 15
  • c 57
  • a 20,08
  • b 5,91
  • c 22,44
Add a soft touch to your bedroom, study or home office with the Cordero Desk Lamp. This stunning Mid-Century Modern lamp is made of polished brass and features a matte black lamp shade and black marble base. It looks great on contemporary desks and nightstands.

Care instructions


To maintain the beauty of your luxury lighting, we recommend the following simple guidelines. When cleaning a lamp, make sure you unplug the power cord first. Always make sure sprays or liquids can not get in the lamp fittings.

Cleaning & Maintenance

For general maintenance, periodically dust off your lighting with a feather duster or a soft clean cloth, preferably weekly.

Marble, Granite And Agate

Use lukewarm water with a mild soap to clean marble, granite or agate. Gently wipe the surfaces with a soft, dampened cloth or chamois. Dry well with a clean, soft cloth. Never use cleaners with acid, ammonia, bleach or hard chemicals and avoid paper towels or scouring pads.


Clean ceramic with lukewarm water, a pH-neutral sulphate-free cleaner, and a soft sponge or wash cloth. Avoid loofa’s, scrub brushes and other materials that could scratch the glaze. When the ceramic surface is profiled, use a soft brush to dislodge the dirt in recesses. Rinse well with clean water. Dry the surface after washing with a soft cloth or chamois.


Never use abrasive materials for cleaning glass as they may cause scratches. Use appropriate glass cleaning solutions and a microfiber cloth. If you are using a chemical cleaner, take care not to spill it on any of the surrounding finishes. After drying with a soft cloth, you can use a piece of crumpled newspaper to give the glass added shine and sparkle.


Avoid commercial household cleaners because the chemicals in these products can dull and craze the acrylic. The best way to care for acrylic surfaces, rods and parts, is to clean with lukewarm water and a bit of liquid soap. Rinse with clear water and dry well. Always use soft cloths for cleaning as not to scratch the acrylic.

Lighting with ceramic detailLighting with ceramic detail
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